Sam, your personal tax consultant

Royal Mysam

Resolves all your issues around taxes, UWV or SVB in a professional and personal manner,
and that at a low price

Warm and Personal

Warm personal service until all your tax, UWV or SVB problems are solved.

12 years of craftsmanship

12 years of experience and great craftsmanship with annual certification.


An all-in private consultation for only €30. €50 for business customers (IB, VAT).


What I can do for you


Tax Assistance

I offer help to file your tax returns to get maximum refunds. Furthermore, I also solve all your problems surrounding tax matters.

You can also contact me to apply for all types of benefits and allowances.


Personal Consultation

I pay personal attention to your tax problems. I solve all your problems together with you in an interactive way. With me, no problem is unsolvable!

I also offer help and personal advice on the application process through CV writing and training.

I am also your point of contact for applications and problems at the Social Insurance Bank. Think of: Applying for AOW, Applying for Child Benefit etc.


Help with Income Tax and VAT return

I do your complete IB and VAT returns in an expert manner.


What do my clients say

I had an issue with the SVB and the UWV. Sam filed an appeal for me and all those debts were cancelled. Sam is an all-round administrator!
I am employed and had 2 jobs. I had to be always paying back to the Tax office after my yearly tax returns. I went to Sam and he gave me some advice on what to do to avoid always paying back. Since then I have even been getting tax returns from the Tax office
Purity Ajayi
When I got to the pension age, I did not know how to arrange my pension. A friend introduced me to Sam and he arranged my pension for me.
Raymond Arthur